Six Reasons Why Polylevel is Better Than Mudjacking

PolyLevel and mudjacking are two distinct methods employed in the field of concrete slab lifting and leveling. There are several factors that differentiate PolyLevel and render it advantageous over traditional mudjacking:

  1. Material Characteristics: PolyLevel employs a high-density polyurethane foam with specific material properties, including low density and high compressive strength. In contrast, mudjacking involves the injection of a mixture consisting of soil, water, and cement. The lightweight nature of the polyurethane foam reduces the overall load on the underlying soil compared to the denser mud mixture.
  2. Controlled Expansion Mechanism: The PolyLevel process allows for precise control over the expansion of the polyurethane foam. This controlled expansion enables a more accurate and consistent lifting of the concrete slab. Mudjacking, relying on the flow and expansion of the injected mud mixture, may result in less precise elevation adjustments.
  3. Curing Dynamics: PolyLevel exhibits a rapid cure time due to the chemical reaction that occurs as the polyurethane foam hardens. This swift curing process minimizes downtime and facilitates quicker utilization of the repaired surface. Mudjacking, depending on the specific composition of the injected material, may require a longer curing period.
  4. Water Resistance and Material Durability: Polyurethane foam utilized in PolyLevel is inherently water-resistant and durable, ensuring sustained performance over time. In contrast, the mud mixture in traditional mudjacking may be more susceptible to erosion and degradation, particularly in the presence of water.
  5. Injection Hole Size: PolyLevel necessitates smaller injection holes due to the controlled expansion characteristics of the polyurethane foam. These smaller holes reduce surface disruption, limit visual impact, and simplify the patching process post-repair. Mudjacking typically requires larger injection holes, potentially leading to more noticeable surface disruption.
  6. Consistency in Results: The precise control afforded by PolyLevel results in a higher degree of consistency in the elevation adjustments across the concrete slab. In contrast, the fluid nature of the mud mixture in mudjacking may introduce variability in the lifting process, potentially leading to uneven results.

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