PowerBrace Foundation Wall Support

What is


The PowerBrace system offers a permanent solution for stabilizing your home’s foundation walls. Custom-sized zinc-plated steel beams are tailored to the height of your basement walls and firmly secured with brackets that anchor to both the basement floor and floor joists.

Featuring a unique, patented design, the PowerBrace system can be gradually tightened over time, which may reverse wall failure without the need for invasive drilling or digging on your property.

Why You Need


As forces of nature, such as moisture and frost, interact with the soil around your home, the soil expands. This expansion results in a constant inward force on your foundation wall until it can no longer support the pressure, causing it to crack, bow, and tip.

Advantages of


Step 1:

Top of the PowerBrace beam is secured to the floor joists.

Step 2:

The Beam is vertically secured and plumbed to the wall.

Step 3:

Bottom of the beam is securely anchored to the floor.

Step 4:

System can be tightened to straighten the wall over time.

Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better with Time. They Get Better With Us.

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