Case Studies

McCormick Seasoning


Dritek Foundation Solutions got a call from the head engineer of McCormick Seasoning regarding the concrete in the warehouse being unlevel. Design Specialist Tyler Coleman went to do the inspection. The engineer showed Tyler around the warehouse, before leading him to where they were having the most concerns. In the problem areas of the warehouse, they had multiple attempts of sealing of cracks that were developing due to the forklifts driving over slabs that had voids under them. The vibration had shifted slabs throughout the section of warehouse and they knew this would only get worse. After gathering data from the engineer about the time frame that this has been happening, and to what extent has this gotten worse, Tyler was able to determine a solution that would give them the peace of mind and support this area desperately needed. 


The solution that Design Specialist Tyler Coleman proposed is to use our Polylevel products along with NexusPro joint sealant to permanently stabilize the concrete and to fill the voids underneath the concrete. That way the forklifts can safely drive over the warehouse floor, and not have any issues.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Tyler Coleman

Company: Dritek Foundation Solutions

Client: McCormick Seasoning

Products Proposed: Polylevel and Nexus Pro Sealant

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