Floor Support

What is the

SmartJack® System?

The SmartJack System offers a permanent solution for lifting and stabilizing the existing beams and floor joists in your crawl space. It begins by creating a solid base of engineered fill to tackle the issue of weak foundation soil, effectively transferring the weight of the home onto more stable layers. Steel columns are then affixed to the beams or joists within the crawl space. Equipped with heavy-duty, threaded rods, the system allows for precise adjustments and is custom-fitted for each installation, ensuring optimal performance and support.

Why You Need the

SmartJack® System

Floors situated above crawl spaces are vulnerable to issues originating from the crawl space. Variations in moisture and unstable foundation soils can lead to shifting and settling of support columns. This often results in sagging beams and floor joists, which can be exacerbated by the improper spacing of pier columns or deterioration from mold and wood rot. As these conditions persist in the crawl space, the floors above may start to sink and sag as well.

Immediate stabilization and lift

Can be installed with crawl space liner

Galvanized steel will not rust

High load bearing capacity

Advantages Of the

SmartJack® System

Working Process


Step 1:

Hole is excavated and the footing base is prepared.

Step 2:

High-strength aluminum footing installed.

Step 3:

Steel column and components assembled.

Step 4:

SmartJack connected to the beam and tightened.

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