Expansion Joint Repair

What is


CompressionGuard is an expansion joint used to alleviate pressure caused by concrete slabs pushing against one another, sometimes known as “street creep.” CompressionGuard comes in 10-foot sections that can be cut or fused together to fit any length. CompressionGuard is a preventative measure that protects your concrete slabs before they crack and sink due to movement toward other slabs.

Why You Need


As temperatures change, added moisture causes soil to move. This movement shifts concrete slabs poured on the soil. CompressionGuard relieves this slab-to-slab pressure and can even stop slab-to-foundation pressure that protects your home.

Advantages of


Step 1:

Determine the direction of movement and where to install CompressionGuard.

Step 2:

Cut trenches at the slab joints to make space for product.

Step 3:

Cut CompressionGuard to size and fit the pieces into cut trenches.

Step 4:

Ensure a seamless fit in each trench and clean slab.

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