EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System

A Better Alternative

To Total Foundation Replacement

Ignoring buckling or tilting foundation walls can lead to complete foundation wall failure over time. This often stems from issues such as hydrostatic pressure from moisture-laden soil, expansive soils, frost heave, or other typical foundation problems.

Fortunately, total foundation replacement isn’t the only solution. The EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System offers a permanent fix for severely compromised foundation walls.

This system uses steel beams and corrugated steel panels in tandem to reinforce and stabilize failing foundation walls. Rigid foam is injected behind the panels to fill any voids, effectively transferring the load from the weakened wall to the robust EverBrace System, ensuring long-term stability.

EverBrace Offers a Solution for

Wall Failure

In addition to poured concrete and concrete block walls, EverBrace works with stone, clay block and even brick foundation walls. While other options may work for the minor foundation problems, only the EverBrace System can restore a failing foundation wall.

EverBrace provides homeowners with the security of a new foundation—minus the cost and disruption of a total foundation replacement. Plus, unlike total replacement, EverBrace addresses the problems that caused the wall failure in the first place.

The system can be easily hidden by drywall and trimmed to fit around windows, doorways and other components.

Advantages of

the EverBrace System

Step 1:

Prep & install the top track

Step 2:

Cut and hang steel panels

Step 3:

Install the posts

Step 4:

Inject foam & attach trim

Foundation Problems Don’t Get Better with Time. They Get Better With Us.

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