Basement Wall Repair

Does Your Basement Need

Wall Repair?

Have you spotted any cracks in the mortar or blocks of your basement walls? While these hairline fractures might appear to be minor cosmetic imperfections and the result of natural settling, any cracks in your basement should be taken seriously. Even small cracks can signal deeper issues that may not be immediately apparent. It’s important to contact a professional basement and foundation contractor to evaluate the cause of the damage, helping you prevent structural problems and preserve your home’s value.

Causes for

Basement Wall Repair

Visible signs of basement damage are often clear upon inspection. Watch for symptoms such as bowing basement walls, stairstep cracks, vertical or horizontal fissures, and any cracks that leak water.

These indicators highlight the need for repairs, though the root causes can differ, including:

  • Tree roots encroaching on the foundation
  • Inadequate or clogged drainage systems
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Shrinkage due to improper curing
  • Substandard construction quality
  • Natural deterioration over time.

The cost of repairing cracked or bowing basement walls will vary based on the specific cause and severity of the damage.

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Basement Wall Repair Solutions

CarbonArmor Wall Stabilization

This system provides permanent foundation stabilization with fiber-reinforced polymers that offer 10 times the strength of steel with exceptional flexibility.

GeoLock Wall Anchors

This wall anchor system uses earth anchors, steel channel anchors, and galvanized rods to keep the wall in its present position. During dry seasons, anchors can be tightened to straighten the walls over time.

PowerBrace Foundation Wall Support

This system uses custom-fit zinc-plated steel beams and anchoring brackets to straighten walls over time without the hassle of digging or drilling.

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