About Dritek Foundation Solutions

Trusted Home Repair Contractor

Serving Atlanta, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville

Dritek Foundation Solutions is a family-owned company offering Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair to homeowners in Atlanta and Athens area. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, we are all too familiar with the shortcomings of residential construction. We have a proven process that we follow called “The Dritek Difference” to ensure that we are able to accomplish great results for our customers.

The Dritek Difference

Creating remarkable experiences & redefining our industry

Everything we do is centered around communication and core values. Our communication and core values are consistent and cohesive!

We Are Cordial & Courteous:

  • In our customer service interactions with all customers
  • In our scheduling of both appointments and project installations

The 4 C’s of a Dritek Foundation Solutions Consultation:

  1. Considerate & timely appointments
    • We want to communicate with you throughout the entire journey, so we make sure to give you confirmation and on-the-way calls
    • We also want to be considerate of your time, so we make sure that we arrive promptly and professionally.
    • We arrive with a meeting plan so we don’t waste your valuable time and can efficiently provide you with what you deserve – a thorough and professional inspection.
  2. Connection and inspection
    • We want to connect with you to provide a remarkable experience, so we ask questions to thoroughly understand what prompted you to call us, what problems you are seeing around your home, and why you want to fix them.
    • Then we provide a thorough inspection with professional expertise.
    • We may discover other things in the inspection process that you didn’t call us about, so we will make sure you are aware of them as well because it’s our responsibility to bring things you may not know are there to your attention.
  3. Comprehensive solution options
    • Once we have completed our thorough inspection, we will show you our findings and let you know what is causing the problem and how our solution will provide you with what you are looking for.
    • We will walk you through the project so you can see all your options, our solutions, and the cost of each.
    • We will ensure that you know what outcomes you can expect from your chosen solution.
    • Our guarantee is this:
      • Every day, every person at Dritek Foundation Solutions is pursuing excellence to serve you well and create a remarkable experience. We promise satisfaction, protection, respect, and efficiency.
  4. Clear & detailed estimate and conversation
    • Our goal is to help you and not to manipulate you, trick or coerce you.
    • We want to guide you through a complex decision with professional support.
    • We believe that maintaining or improving your property and its value is essential, improving your quality of life and restoring your peace of mind.
    • There will never be a less expensive time to fix it, and we thoroughly believe the following is best for you:
      • Fix it, Fix it Now, Fix it Right, and Fix it With Us

The 4 C’s of Project Completion:

  1. Complete preparation
    • Our production department will thoroughly prepare materials and supplies, as well as their equipment and tools.
    • The crew will know the project details and be prepared to deliver a remarkable experience to the customer.
  2. Courteous arrival
    • Your crew will give you an on-the-way call to introduce themselves and provide you with an estimated time of arrival.
    • Our trucks and crews are clean and our crews will be dressed appropriately.
    • Our crews will not smoke, vape, or use chewing tobacco on your property, nor will they use profanity.
    • They will introduce themselves when they arrive and review your project with you.
    • They will describe the installation process to you and review expectations.
  3. Competency, efficiency & safety
    • Our crew will prepare the work area and work professionally, efficiently, and safely.
    • Our crew will give you progress updates and keep in communication with you.
  4. Courteous cleanup
    • Once the project is completed, our crew will clean up the area and do a walkthrough with you.

About The Owner

Brandon Murray is a certified foundation and waterproofing specialist with over 30 years of experience. As an Atlanta native, Brandon is deeply committed to providing customers in Atlanta and Athens area with top-notch service and practical solutions. Although he got his start in landscape design and installation with the launch of Terrascapes Management in 1989, he quickly realized there was a need for waterproofing and foundation repair in the area.

As part of the Foundation Supportworks network, he has received extensive foundation repair and waterproofing training. Brandon is recognized as an expert in his field and invited to speak at numerous national conventions. He’s shared his knowledge with countless waterproofing and foundation repair companies nationwide, teaching them the most effective methods for diagnosing and repairing water intrusion and foundation failure issues.

In his free time, Brandon enjoys spending time with his family out on the water and boating as often as possible. He also enjoys aviation and has been a commercial instrument-rated pilot since 1993.

Community Involvement

As a locally-owned company, Dritek Foundation Solutions loves to see our communities and those living in them thrive. That’s why we make it a point to get involved in the communities we serve. We’re proud to be sponsors of the Buddy Hoffman Golf Classic and several Brookwood High School sports, including football, baseball and volleyball.

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