Case Studies

1920’s Home in Toccoa, GA needing Foundation Repair


Mr. Fuqua in Toccoa, GA reached out to Dritek Foundation Solutions regarding a home he was purchasing in Toccoa, GA. The house was built in the 1920’s, and this particular house were in disrepair. Mr. Fuqua wanted to move closer to his work, and he wanted a home he could cash to get. He also liked the challenge of bringing  this run down house back to its former glory. However, step one for Mr. Fuqua was fixing the foundation and floors. The floors had over 5 inches of elevation change from the middle of the house to the left side. In addition,  all of the floors on that side of the house were extremely bouncy. 


Dritek Foundation Solutions, send out Design Specialist John Yochem met with Mr. Fuqua to inspect the home and talk about how Dritek could help him restore this property. The solution was 20 Smartjacks and 100 linear feet of 4″ galvanized I-beams. In the end, Production Forman, Juan Hernandez and crew were able to get all of the bounce out of the floors and all of the interior floors were level front to back as well as right to left. The customer was thrilled and remarked that the floors were as solid as a concrete slab!

Project Summary

Design Specalist: John Yochem

Installing Contractor: Dritek Foundation Solutions

Production Forman: Juan Hernandez

Products Installed: 20 Smartjacks and 100 linear feet of 4″ galvanized I-beams

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